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  • Do you repair damaged aluminum rims?

    Yes, this is what we specialize in – what exactly is the issue you are having? Note: If you bring your wheels to our shop we can let you know right away what is repairable and what is not.

  • How much does it cost to repair a wheel?

    What exactly is wrong with your wheel and what size is it? Check out the pricing page

  • My wheel is scratched, it has curb damage (road rash) can you repair this?

    Yes, we can cosmetically repair your wheel to look “like new” using factory powder coatings.

  • Can you match the color of my wheel?

    Yes. If there is any problem we will let you know up front but in most cases we can match the existing color of your wheel using a powder coating.

  • My wheel is polished can you polish wheels?

    Yes. See our polishing page on our web site. There are different types of polished wheels.

  • My wheel is machined (diamond cut) can you match this?

    Yes. We own a CNC Lathe that can probe and re-cut your lathed (machined – diamond cut) wheels.

  • My wheel is bent, do you repair bent (dented) alloy wheels/Rims?


  • My wheel is bent on the front (spoke side) can you straighten this?

    Yes, so long as the wheel is not cracked or laterally bent. (We will let you know if your wheel is repairable or not when you bring it to the shop)

  • How long does it take to straighten a bent wheel?

    Worst-case scenario is 24 hours, but in most cases we repair the bent wheel same day or while you wait. (Give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you)

  • Walk me through your straightening process.

    We have video’s on our YouTube channel that show us straightening wheels if you are curious to see what it looks like. Basically, the wheel is hooked up to a machine like you would bolt the wheel onto a car. Then we are able to measure and see exactly where the wheel is bent. We then heat the bent area (we have to use heat or the wheel would crack) and use a hydraulic press with shaping tools to massage the wheel back into round. When the wheel is trued out we will remount your tire to make sure there are no leaks and road force balance the assembly (assembly is the tire and the wheel mounted together)

  • How much does it cost to straighten a bent wheel?

    See our pricing page – price depends on the size of the wheel

  • Do you give a discount since I have more the one wheel bent?

    We can’t because we are charging for time. If a wheel does not need to be straightened we will let you know. But if your wheel needs to be worked on then we charge to do the work correctly.

  • Do you warranty your straightening work?

    We guarantee that the wheel will be trued to within .026 (industry specification) of an inch and that it holds air.

  • What is Road Force balancing?

    Road Force Balancing is our way of making certain that a wheel has been trued out to within industry specifications. We can also determine if there are issues with your tire that may also cause you to feel vibration as you drive. See our Road Force Balancing page for more info.

  • Will your straightening process damage the finish of my wheel?

    Yes, but only the area of the wheel that is bent. If your wheel is bent on the inner barrel then this is the area of the wheel that we will fix and we will not have to touch the face (so your wheel will look fine). If your wheel is bent on the spoke side then you may see discoloration. This discoloration is only cosmetic and not structural so you can leave it alone or decide to have it cosmetically refinished (unless the finish is chrome, we do not re-chrome)

  • Do you Power Coat?

    Yes. See our powder coating page on our web site for more information

  • I want to paint my wheels a new color can you help me out?

    Yes. We will not use paint typically but powder coat. Your tire will be taken off the wheel and we will strip the wheel of its old finish. The wheel will be sand blasted and the bare aluminum surface thoroughly cleaned. Curb damage, if any, is removed. The wheel is then coated inside and out (The whole wheel). So if you are changing the wheel to black you will get a whole black wheel back – no more silver on that guy! We will re-mount your tire and road force balance the assembly.

  • Do I need an appointment?

    Yes if you are leaving the car with us. No if you are dropping wheels off loose.

  • How much does it cost to powder coat my wheels?

    Check out the pricing page. It will depend on all that is going on with your wheel (bends, cracks, etc) and the size.

  • Can you match the color of my factory wheels?

    Yes in most cases. If there is an issue I will let you know up front.

  • Can you match the color of my car?

    Yes, but if you really want the “exact” match we will need to special order paint for your project (which will be extra). Otherwise we can try to pick out a close match with powder coat colors.

  • How long will you need my wheels for if I leave them with you to be powder coated?

    Typically about 2 and half days

  • Will the wheels be perfect?

    We do not like to use the word “perfect” because we do not get to start with a new fresh piece of aluminum like they would at the factory. Instead, we have to deal with your wheel, which is damaged. So we prefer “like new” as a good description. What we are trying to do is apply a factory coating and get your wheel as close as possible to look like new. That being said we do have wheels turn out perfect and we see many new factory wheels that are way far less then perfect. In fact, our coating is much more durable than most coatings on new aftermarket wheels. We apply our coatings heavy intending them adhere and to last.

  • Will your powder coating last forever?

    Look, nothing lasts “forever” so I don’t like this word. But with proper care our coating should last for many years. By proper care I mean wash your wheels once every two months. If you let dirt, salt, and brake dust build up on the wheel it will eventually start to eat away at any coating.

  • Can you refinish aftermarket wheels to look like new?

    Yes but in some cases an aftermarket wheel does not lend itself to being refinished exactly like they were at the factory because special jigging is needed. It would not be cost effect for us to spend thousands for a one-time jigging on just one set of wheels. We can let you know what is possible to do when we see the wheels.

  • Can you re-finish 3-part or 2-piece wheels to look like new.

    Yes, but just like an aftermarket wheel sometimes the shape of the wheel does not always allow us to do exactly what was done originally at the factory. This is because the pieces are usually finished separately and then bolted together. When we see your wheels we will let you know what is possible.

  • Do you disassemble 2-piece and 3-piece wheels?

    No. There are too many problems that can arise when we take wheels apart. Bolts break and there are no replacements, or the pieces may not fit back together properly. Check the manufacturers web site and often they will highly discourage disassembling their wheels.

  • My wheel is chrome do you repair chrome wheels?

    We can straighten a chrome wheel, but we do not re-chrome wheels.

  • My wheel is not chrome right now and I would like it to be chrome – do you offer this service?

    Yes, check out PVD chrome. Looks just like chrome but with the durability of powder coat. Available to single piece wheels, under 22”, that have are not chrome plated already. (We can not do this process to a chrome wheel)

  • Do you repair cracked wheels?

    It depends were the wheel is cracked because there are types of damage that are not safe to repair. A crack on the face (spoke side – Front) of the wheel is not repairable. We will not fix a wheel with more than one crack. We will not weld a wheel that has been previously welded. One crack on the inner barrel (inside/back of the wheel that you do not see when mounted on your car) is repairable.

  • Are my wheels good candidates to be welded?

    If the wheels have just one crack each, not more then one, and the location of the single crack is on the inner barrel (the back side of the wheel behind the spokes) then yes we can weld your wheel.

  • Well, why don’t you repair wheels that are cracked on the spoke side?

    Safety. We are not necessarily worried about you when the wheel blows out in the highway but the person you hit. The front of the wheel holds most of the weight of the car and the spokes take the torque of the motor. Sometimes wheels are just too far-gone to repair. (By the time someone was to weld the wheel and repair the look of the spokes and everything else needed you could probably get a set of new wheels – so just go get some new wheels)

  • Do you paint wheels?

    Yes – certain projects call for traditional auto body urethane coatings. We have high-end HVLP air guns to apply the coatings evenly, thick, and smooth.

  • Do you powder coat wheels?

    Yes – most of the time we are using Powder for coating the wheels.

  • What is the difference between paint and powder coat.

    Paint is sprayed on wet and air-dries. Powder is applied in powder form (the consistency of powdered sugar). The wheel is grounded and the powder is charged so the powder will ground itself to the wheel and stick. The wheel is baked and the powder will melt and bond with the aluminum wheel. Generally speaking – powder coat is much more durable and is what OEM manufacturers use to factory coat wheels.

  • My wheel has a tiny bend on the front should I repair it?

    If the wheel is holding air, not leaking and no vibration issues then leave it alone.

  • Are you mobile or do I have to come to you?

    You will have to drop off your wheels and/or car with us to have work done.

  • Where can I have my wheels re-chromed?

    California or southern Texas. Do a web search for wheel re-chroming and there will be a handful of places for you to choose from. No, I have never found anyone, anywhere else closer – that will RE-Chrome a wheel.

  • Do you re-drill bolt/lug holes to change the bolt pattern?

    No and I do not know where to have this done nor would I recommend doing this. Look into wheel adapters instead. H-R comes to mind.

  • Do you widen wheels?

    No. Check out Weldcraft Wheels

  • Can you widen the center bore or shave down the hub?

    No. Call local machine shops. Or look into wheel adapters

  • I can get a new replacement for the same price. Can you do better on price?

    If we are talking an OEM wheel then I doubt it is new – maybe remanufactured to look like new, which is exactly the same thing that we will do to your wheel. Except you know who we are, our company, our QUALITY, and where to go with questions and issues. Not all remanufactured wheels are done with the same care and quality (we see a lot of crap work out there). This means you could buy your “new” OEM wheel (spending a lot more then you would have with us because you forgot about shipping plus mounting and balancing) and the finish starts to peel plus the wheel is a little bent because whoever tried to straighten in did not do a very good job and now you have to pay again to have the wheel finished correctly. We have had customers who bought wheels that were cracked multiple times but welded and then painted over to hide the work! On another note if you purchased a cheap aftermarket wheel and can get a new one for the same price then I say go for it – especially if your wheel is cracked.

  • What else does your company do besides wheels?

    We just specialize in repairing alloy wheels. For this reason we have gotten very good at what we do over the years.

  • How long has Wheel-Tech been in business?

    We started out repairing wheels is 2000 – 17 years ago! We were a mobile unit then and focused mainly repairing wheels on used cars for dealerships. In 2006 – 2007 we moved into our current location and began to equip ourselves with the high tech machinery that allows us to do what we do so well. The shop also allows us to have the electric and gas power that is NOT POSSIBLE in a mobile unit. Around 2010 we began to focus mainly on the retail end of the business and moved away from the wholesale (car dealership) business. This was mainly because dealerships are more interested in a fast turn around time then quality and it is not possible to properly repair a wheel in a short and rushed amount of time. During the last couple years we have invested in some state of the art machinery that allows us to road force balance your wheels, remove tires without scratching the rim, re-lathe wheels, powder coat to match colors, properly clean sand blasted aluminum, properly strip a heavily primed surface, and the list goes on.

  • Can my alloy rim be repaired?

    YES. Please let us know if it is curb damage, a bend or a crack that needs repairing.

  • My rim is bent, can it be fixed?

    Most bends can be straightened so that it holds air, and will balance out perfectly.

  • How do you straighten rims?

    Wheel-Tech uses 3 separate hydraulic machines to bring your rim back to tolerance. The first cleans the beads and brings the bend back close to round. The second runs the rim over a hydraulic platen using an electronic resistor that brings the rim to precision round. The third machine brings the bend in the bead back into the same line as original.

  • I have curb damage, can it be refinished?

    With the exception of chrome, most rims can be repaired and refinished to look like new.

  • Will the finish match my other rims?

    Yes. Our skilled technicians are able to match your finish. We adjust the paint color for each rim.

  • I cracked my rim. Can it be welded?

    In most cases it is good practice to bring your rim into Wheel-Tech so that we can inspect your rim prior to welding. Depending on the crack, most rims can be welded. If the crack is on the spoke-side of the rim, it usually is not a good candidate for a weld. In this case, Wheel-Tech should check one of our many sources for a refurbished OEM rim for you. (This may not cost much more than a weld)

  • I had my rims welded by someone else. Now I cracked it again. Can you weld it?

    Wheel-Tech will not weld over an existing weld. This can cause a weak point on the rim and may be a hazard to you.

  • I have more than one crack in my rim. Will it cost more to weld more than one crack?

    Wheel-Tech will not weld more than one crack in a rim as it may cause too much stress in the alloy and be a hazard to you.

  • Do you sell OEM replacement rims for my car?

    Yes. In most cases we can find your Original Equipment rim completely refurbished at a faction of the price.

  • Can you get after-market rims to match the one I have?

    Wheel tech only sells new after-market rims. Many after-market rims have been discontinued and are not available.

  • Do you use powder coat paint?

    Yes. Wheel-tech uses a clear powder top-coat available in Gloss, Satin, and Flat.

  • Can you polish my rims?

    Yes. It is up to you if we use a clear powder over the polished part of the rim.

  • If you do not clear coat over the polish, will the finish deteriorate?

    Yes, over time the polish will look dull and requires regular polishing to maintain the bright look.

  • I have curb damage and scratches on my chrome rims, can you repair them?

    Chrome is a plating process and we do not offer that service at Wheel-Tech. Most rims will have to be shipped to California for re-plating.

  • Can my rims be painted a different color?

    Yes. Due to so many different kinds of rims on the market, and your own preferences of what you would like painted, it is good to bring your rims by for an inspection and quote before re-coloring.

  • Can my Chrome rims be repaired and re-colored (painted)?

    We do not coat over chrome as paint and/or powder coat will not adhere.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    Yes. We Guarantee our finished product 100 percent. There is a 1 year guarantee on the finish from peeling and/or discoloration. If there was an issue on our end with adhesion the wheel will start to peel MUCH sooner then 1 year and we want to know about it! Otherwise, with a little care your re-finished will should last for years.

  • What kinds of cars have you repaied the wheels on?

    All kinds. Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Porsche, Cadillac, Dodge, Pontiac, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Bently, Rolls Royce, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Lincoln, VW, Nissan, Ferrari – we can repair the wheels on any brand of car, and we can repair most aftermarket rims as well.

  • How many years have you been in business?

    Since 2000.

  • How long does it take to repair?

    Depends on what we are doing. Cosmetic repairs will take about 3 days…..If we are just straightening a wheel it can take just one day.

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Tuesday – Saturday 9am-5pm (closed Sunday and Monday)

  • Are you open weekends?

    Yes. Saturday

  • Do I have to take the wheels off my car?

    No. Just drop off your car, leave us your key, and we take care of the rest. Unless you prefer to bring us a loose wheel which is no problem.

  • Do I have to take the tires off my rims?

    No. But we can repair your rims if they do not have tires on them.

  • If I am getting new tires put on should I do that before refinishing the wheels?

    Yes! Sometimes Rims get scratched when new tires are put on. Also, you can have Wheel-Tech mount your new tires for you.

  • Do you fix chrome wheels?

    We can straighten chrome wheels. We do not re-dip chrome wheels. The only places offering this service that we have found are in California.

If you have additional questions please contact us at: 847.433.1900

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