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Wheel-Tech writes and publishes various wheel related articles every couple months.  We try to make them educational and informative. 

Is Powder Coating Wheels a New Color More Expensive Than Traditional Painting?

Powder coating wheels costs about the same as traditional painting methods and is an excellent option when you want to change the look of your wheel.
A typical repair on a wheel includes removing the tire and valve stem, removing and repairing any damage on the wheel, prepping the wheel so the new paint will adhere properly, matching the color by blending the base and second coats, and finally applying a top coat to the whole wheel.  Click to Read Full Article

Rim Repair vs. Rim Replacement

A Cost-Effective Solution to an Expansive Problem                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             There is an alternative to the expansive replacement of damaged rims on your car. Bent rims can actually be repaired and straightened by wheel specialists at a fraction of the cost while being restored to spec!  Click to Read Full Article

Pitting and Deteriorating Chrome Rims

Can they be fixed?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Because chrome rims are plated rather than painted, the process to restore damaged chrome is lengthy and expansive. It produces toxic wastes and is heavily regulated by the EPA. Due to the environmental hazards, re-plating isn’t done locally. Even after stripping the old chrome and re-plating with new, the wheel may not look great.  Click to Read Full Article

One Piece Wheels vs. Multi Piece Wheels

Various Designs of Aluminum Alloy Rims
What is the difference between a single, a 2-part, and a 3-part wheel? How can you tell if you have a multi-part wheel or a decorative imitation rim? Click to Read Full Article                                                                          

Purchasing New Wheels

More Options Than You’d Expect
Wheels fall into two main categories: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarkets. Both kinds come new, used and sometimes re-manufactured. Prices range depending on quality, style and function. There is also a growing trend in repairing or customizing older rims as an economical alternative to buying new ones. Click to Read Full Article                                                                             

WInterize Your Wheels and Tires

When and Why Should It Be Done
If you live in a cold or snowy region, all-season tires may not be enough to handle the colder temperatures and harsh winter driving conditions. Click to Read Full Article

Winter Wheel Care

How To Deal With the Harsh Conditions
There are two main options for winter wheel care:  regularly cleaning the wheels you have right now or getting a second set of wheels for the winter.  Click to Read Full Article


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