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Why Does a Cracked Wheel Weld and Repair Cost more than a Standard Repair?

When a wheel has a crack and needs to be welded the total time for repair is much longer than the time it takes to do a standard repair. This is because there are extra steps to take before a cracked wheel can be safely welded. First, a wheel that has a crack in it must be straightened and running true before the crack is welded because if the wheel is bent and then welded together the weld will not hold and the possibility of a blow out increases dramatically. In addition to straightening the wheel before welding, there is very specific cleaning that needs to be done to the wheel before it can be welded to prevent contamination in the weld itself. Contaminated welds are not pretty to look at and are not as strong. The welder, or the person who is going to be welding the crack in your wheel, must be very (and we mean extraordinarily!) skilled at TIG welding. Probably, the most important aspect in welding a cracked wheel is the skill level of the person welding and just like any other highly skilled person they must be paid accordingly.

We have seen and been through many welders that range in price for welding cracked wheels and because of this have seen how truly difficult this type of repair is – even for experienced welders! Currently, we have one of the best welders in the area repair our cracked wheel welds and will never go back to less expensive alternatives because of the liability and hassle involved when someone does sub par welding. The liability aspect is the safety of our customers, who we want to be safe, when driving on a wheel that we welded (so that it does not blow out). Not to mention the hassle involved when welds are defective because you, the end user, has to repeatedly come back to have the weld fixed and we see this as a waste of time for everyone involved.

Today, our success ratio on repaired and welded cracked wheels is at (or over) 99% – we just do not have problems because we try to do the weld correctly the first time. Lower cost welding is always an option somewhere but when your safety is involved cost is really the least of our concerns. We can not re-weld poorly done welds by other companies because the crack has been contaminated by unknown alloys and once done by someone else there is no way of knowing weather or not the Weld would ever hold again. If the cost to weld your cracked wheel properly is higher than the cost of a new wheel then our advice is to please go and buy a new wheel! However, if you have a cracked wheel that needs to be welded and you want to repair it correctly (the first time) then by all means please give us a call.


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  • Auto body repair tesla Clearwater FL
    November 17, 2020, 4:44 am REPLY

    Auto body repair is something for which everyone needs expert guidance. Your blog will help guide many people. Well done.

  • Tyler Johnson
    April 19, 2021, 4:32 pm REPLY

    That makes sense that the cost would be higher if the time to repair would be greater. That seems only fair to me. I’ll make sure to remember that if I need to have a welding service help them repair a wheel.

  • Sahil Khan
    September 6, 2021, 11:07 am REPLY

    Thank you for sharing informative and helpful tips with us.

  • Jack
    May 15, 2022, 4:07 pm REPLY

    A bunch of Horseshit on a simple question.


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